Analysis of Food Exporting to China

CCIC Netherlands offers one-stop testing solution for a broad range of food and agriculture products. Our accredited laboratories, located both in Europe and China, carry out analysis and provide test reports in compliance with relevant international and GB standards.

In China imported food and feed products are subject to strict control. Food products shall be tested by the local authorities during customs clearance, with risk of product recall or product destruction in case of non conformance against the relevant Chinese standards and regulations.

Several food categories, such as dairy, infant formula, fish, olive oil and wine specifically require the producer or exporter to provide a test report of the exporting products in order to pass the Chinese inspection and quarantine, and customs clearance procedures. Products shall be tested according to the relevant China specifications and national standards (GB Standards). For these reasons, a Chinese test report issued by specialized parties (such as CCIC Netherlands) will be highly preferable.

Advantages of working with CCIC Netherlands include:

  • Tailor-made product assessment and identification of relevant regulatory requirements;
  • Accurate Chinese/English test report in compliance with testing methods, units and document format;
  • Accredited and qualified testing laboratories located in China and Europe;
  • Professional insight on product quality and risk assessment;
  • Consistent follow up and regulatory support.


We use the latest methods and state-of-the-art technology, identify risk factors, enhance compliance, improve quality, efficiency, and add value to your product. Our portfolio of analysis covers:

  • Nutritional values;
  • Microbiological analysis;
  • Mycotoxins;
  • Heavy metals;
  • Vitamins;
  • Pesticide testing.


As your testing partner, you can be sure of fast turnaround times and accurate test results demonstrating compliance with European and Chinese statutory requirements.


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