Loading & Discharge Supervision

CCIC Netherlands offers a broad range of Supply Chain related services for international traders.

The objective of loading/discharging supervision is to verify during loading and unloading operations that the correct material or product is properly handled and secured on the means of transport.

Our company specialists will provide with the assurance that the quality and safety requirements are met and that the goods are handled correctly and safely to the customers.

CCIC Netherlands qualified personnel can implement the following inspection activities:

  • Check general appearance of the cargo and/or packaging;
  • Verifying number of packing cases and the marking against contractual specifications;
  • Check appropriate handling procedures during all loading and unloading operations;
  • Check general cleanliness of the means of transport such as hold, railway wagon, cargo plane or ship deck;
  • Check stowing, fastening and wedging on the means of transport, and the protection against the natural elements;
  • Check shipment documents.


Contact Us

Should you have any question about our loading and/or discharging supervision services, please feel free to contact us:

Email: info@ccicnl.com

Phone: +31 10 206 4880