CCIC Certificate-the Best Guarantee for High-Quality Recycled Metals

From November 1, 2020, recycled copper, recycled brass, and recycled alloy aluminum that meet Chinese standards are allowed to be imported freely. How to determine whether this type of recycled metal meets Chinese standards and how to verify the standards are consistent with official understandings are the biggest problems facing by importers and exporters.

- With more than 20 years of accumulated inspection experience, the CCIC Recycled Metal Inspection Technical Team has carefully studied national standards, and strengthened communication with relevant government departments and relevant industry associations, and is providing traders with high-quality pre-shipment inspection services. Since the first commercial inspection of recycled metals successfully completed by CCIC London on November 9, CCIC North American, CCIC Spain, and CCIC East Europe have successively received applications from exporters, and inspection work is proceeding in an orderly manner.

As we all know, the source of recycled metals is complex, and the determination of the quality of the goods requires a wealth of inspection experience and an understanding of the quality management of processing enterprises. While pursuing to provide perfect inspection services, CCIC overseas companies are also rapidly introducing traceability. Through information technology, the pre-shipment inspection certificates of CCIC overseas companies have become the best proof of high-quality recycled metals.