China HACCP Certification

The China HACCP is the national certification scheme implemented by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of China (CNCA). Being certified with the China HACCP will benefit foreign food producers to comply with the Chinese food import regulations and national standards.

CNCA introduced the HACCP system through the CNCA Announcement No.3 2002. Since then, the HACCP certification scheme has seen several updates. Latest version of the implementation rules is CNCA-N-008: 2011: “Implementation Rules for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System Certification”, and the reference standards are GB / T 27341: “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System - General Requirements for Food Processing Plant” and GB 14881: “General Hygiene Regulation for Food Enterprises Standard”.

China HACCP Sample Certificate

Being certified with the China HACCP is an excellent statement of a foreign food producer’s willingness to ensure their products are complying with the Chinese import regulations and local standards. It also represents an important referential material for Chinese authorities both at the national and local level, including the registration for overseas high-risk food producers, and the compulsory China Customs inspection at the entry borders. Last but not the least, the China HACCP quality mark is widely promoted by CNCA and gives positive exposure of products in the Chinese market.

What are the advantages of the China HACCP certification?

  • Increase the company and product brand awareness in the Chinese market;
  • Facilitate registration process for dairy, infant formula, aquatic product, and meat product manufacturers at the Chinese authorities;
  • Support clearance at the China Customs;
  • Provide access to unique promotion opportunities in China.


What can CCIC Netherlands do for you?

Auditing and Certification: The certification body of CCIC, the CQC (China Quality Certification Center), is the oldest and one of the largest certification body in China, and is one of the few certification bodies which has auditors located in Europe. We can handle applications and arrange audit with minimum logistics hassle and language barrier thanks to our experience of carrying out audits all around Europe.

Consultancy and Pre-auditing: With our excellent knowledge of Chinese regulations and standards, we can provide training and information for you to understand China HACCP better.

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